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i am argon

i am a gas

has marius passed chem at last 

mangochive said:
What's Peter's favorite thing about fall?
italktotonystark replied:

Fall/Halloween is a good time for spiders


Grab the rolls when they’re baked and run away screaming “THESE ARE MINE MINE ALL MINE GO AWAY”

I would, but they’ve baked cookies and shared them so I have to play nice and share too…


When I find myself in times of trouble

Clint F. Barton comes to me

Speaking words of wisdom


Made a new blog for more crochet/ crafting posts. I’ll probably still reblog some of my better things on this account, but if you’re interested in more behind-the-scenes type stuff I’ll put it over there. Currently there isn’t much but I’ll definitely be adding to it frequently- I crochet a lot.

There’s nothing more horrifying than a miracle.